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Making the Best Accessible

We have been providing access to the leading medical experts and facilities worldwide since 2013.

Medicine without borders

DMU is a German company with a team of doctors and experts in all aspects of healthcare, from medical translators and interpreters to software developers. Every day we help individuals from all over the world to obtain access to the most advanced medical services available. We also provide a full range of services for health insurance companies and corporate clients.

    No.1 since 2019
    In Germany and CIS, according to IMTJ and LaingBuisson.
    No surcharges or hidden fees
    We do not add any extra fees to your medical bills.
Our team
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов

Founding of the Deutsche Medizinische Union (DMU)

DMU was founded by a team of doctors and health care experts. Our goal has always been to make medical services abroad accessible and transparent for both our clients and medical service providers.


100+ clinics, 300+ doctors

By the end of 2014 our expertise in medical tourism to Germany and solid cooperation with the medical community made it possible for many patients to access 119 clinics and 342 highly qualified head physicians.


25 employees, 4 new departments

By the middle of the year we have completely revised our business processes, making them more flexible and efficient. We established departments for patient management and translation. Since then our patients enjoy access to the best services available, while DMU's experts can focus their attention on medical matters.

19 air ambulance flights

In July alone our logistics team organized 19 air ambulance flights, including 9 with our doctors on board.


20 health insurance companies rely on us when it comes to their clients.

Just six months after our corporate packages had been launched, 20 international insurers retained DMU to make arrangements for medical treatment and travel. The key to this success was the impeccable service and zero surcharges.

1,000 patients, more than 3,500 medical appointments

In June our 1,000th patient was discharged after successful treatment. This was an extremely complex case that involved three clinics in different parts of Germany.

0.1% – a record-breaking low rate of customer dissatisfaction

We apply the strictest quality controls throughout all stages, and only 1 out of 100 patients was not satisfied with our services (a score below 2 on a five-point scale). Our next goal is to reduce this number even further.


Establishment of the DMU technical support department

To cope with the growing number of clients and staff members, we automated many of our business processes. In 2017 we developed the first set of Marlet programmes and services, now adopted by many German clinics.

Second opinions – when you can't go abroad

Dealing with challenging cases, when patients could not visit another country we developed a second opinion and online consultation programme relying on the leading experts. Until 2020, these were available only to attending physicians. And now everyone can use them.

50 countries, 28 languages – we help patients from all over the world

Our medical and support staff speaks many languages to promptly serve clients from all over the world. We provide health care services fom patients all over the world in any language on time.


Over 150 inpatient admissions per month

Since February 2018, DMU has been processing more than 100 inpatient cases monthly in Germany, Turkey, Spain, France, and Switzerland. This makes DMU one of the leading health care providers in the world, and the largest in Germany and Europe.

100+ employees in 7 countries

Our multidisciplinary team, that includes medical professionals, translators, interpreters, care coordinators, and IT experts, keeps working hard to ensure the best medical outcomes possible for every patient.

Registered Helios partner

Helios is the largest network of multidisciplinary clinics in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Working with DMU has greatly improved the quality and availability of its services for international patients. At the same time, our clients have obtained an unprecedented access to the best medical experts and technologies in Germany and Spain.


DMU rating: 127 indicators for clinics and up to 80 for physicians

In January 2019, striving to improve our service quality and risk assessment process, DMU started an ambitious medical practices' rating project. Our clients greatly benefit from our thorough unbiased assessment of every doctor and every clinic.

200+ patients and up to 350 inpatient admissions per month

Hundreds of DMU clients use our services 24/7/365.

New horizons: ambitious modernization

At the end of the year we have launched our most extensive restructuring project yet. We have been working on upgrading our site and introducing new services.


97% of our staff switched to remote work

Within just one week our international team was switched to remote/work-from-home model. Yet, we retained the highest level of service and prompt attention to the most challenging cases that required immediate hospitalization.

52,537 hours of video conferencing

Amidst the challenging situation, we stayed in touch with our clients and replaced personal meetings with video services. In total, we held over 50,000 hours of video conferences, tackling the most difficult task together as a team.

0.00% COVID cases among patients over the year

Our doctors were responsible not only of our patients, but for each and every person in the clinic. As a result of tight controls, regular testing and compliance with all quarantine measures no client of ours contracted COVID during treatment.


Reinventing ourselves: new site, new services, new possibilities

In January, we launched our fully renovated site that provides detailed information on clinics, their departments, doctors, and disorders they treat. During 2021 we will update its content and add new options. Stay tuned!

DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
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Our clients' opinions

We take care of the most challenging cases for the most demanding clients. We do not engage subcontractors or intermediaries. This way we can ensure the best outcomes possible throughout all stages of the process, from finding the right clinic to arranging medical flights. Each step is supervised by our specialists, and all clients have their own assigned doctors and care coordinators.

  • 45 medical experts
    help our patients to plan and manage medical care.
  • Support
    24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
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DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов


Head of Business Development
Our vast experience with a multitude of client requests made us realize that we can honestly guarantee the best service only when we take full control of every step of the process, from translation to medical flights. With this in mind, we assembled professionals to manage patients, translate, translation and medical service management teams that assist our doctors in all organizational matters and ensure that our patients receive the best service at the lowest price possible. Now our clients can selectively request any services they need, while making arrangements for other aspects of their treatment on their own.
DMU Team
  • We do not make money off your medical bills

    DMU receives no commissions from the clinics we work with. Accordingly, we are genuinely interested in keeping your medical bills as low as possible. We carefully select clinics to make sure that our patients do not pay for any unnecessary services.

  • DMU — No.1 medical tourism agency

    For medical services in Germany and CIS according to IMTJ and LaingBuisson. Since 2018, DMU has been the exclusive representative and partner of Helios clinics. Helios is the largest European health care network, with clinics across Germany, Spain and Latin America.

  • Secure payment

    You pay according to an estimate that includes all services needed for your treatment or diagnosis. Unspent funds will be refunded – 82% of our clients get a refund upon receiving their final bill.

  • Medical review

    Our in-house medical experts help to review each case, determine an appropriate treatment strategy and find the best clinics and doctors.

  • Cost controls

    We check all final bills and work with clinics to correct any billing mistakes. We also help patients to get their money back when clinics charge additional fees or inflate the cost of their services.

  • Comprehensive medical services

    We serve patients from more than 50 countries in 12 languages. DMU can arrange both planned hospital stays and urgent hospitalization from anywhere in the world.

  • 100% of reviews from real patients

    Only DMU clients have access to the feedback feature. Each review is verified before publication. For more details visit trustpilot.com

  • Technology

    We have created some unique high-performance systems to process medical information. In 2017, we introduced our proprietary instant data exchange system. Now medical scans are available to doctors online, and patients receive fast and accurate treatment prognosis.

Global reach

Every year DMU arranges treatment abroad for over 5,100 patients and their families. Our goal is to build a global system that will ensure the highest quality or individualized medical treatment in any country of the world, literally without borders.

How we work
О нас

    Interpreting and local assistance

    Our interpreters accompany and support patient in all European cities.

    Medical flights and on-board medical assistance

    We offer medical ambulance flights.

    Medical translation

    DMU employs the best medical translators that meet the highest professional standards.

    Transfer and medical transportation

    We offer transfers to the clinic by car or ambulance.

    Second opinion

    DMU will help you obtain a second opinion from the best medical experts in order to confirm your diagnosis and treatment methods.

    Corporate services

    We provide a full range of treatment services for corporate clients, taking all their wishes into account and providing the necessary reporting.

    Medical billing review

    We check all bills for compliance with pricing and surcharge regulations.

DMU Team

Our goals

How we became No. 1 in Germany

Obtaining medical services in Germany may be quite a challenge for non-EU residents. While Israel, Turkey and other countries constantly compete for international patients that bring enormous profits, German clinics are packed with European patients, and direct fees are prohibited (although not all clinics comply with this rule). In 95% of German clinics there are no international departments, and the few that exist often operate as intermediaries (this includes Charité International that represents the Charité university clinic). 

Over the past five years, by helping patients all over the world to arrange treatment in Germany, the DMU has proven its worth to both clinics and patients. And we will continue to prove it: We are continually improving old areas and developing new areas and services for our customers.

Official representative

Since 2018 DMU has been the exclusive representative and partner of Helios clinics.

Helios is the largest health care network in Europe, with urgent medical care facilities across Germany, Spain and Latin America. Every year more than five million patients are treated by Helios physicians working at more than 176 best private and university clinics in Germany. The scope of their services covers 94% of medical specialties. All Helios clinics meet the highest German and European quality standards.

DMU Team
  • 5,100+

    Patients every year

    trust us to find the right doctor and make arrangements for their treatment
  • 238


    take care of our patients every month on average
  • 478


    of 32 specialties have been registered in 2020 as DMU experts
  • 102+

    Staff workers

    handle the most challenging issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week