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How we work

We will help you choose a doctor or a clinic, so that you can focus on your health, while we will be taking care of all other matters.

How we work

Submit your request

You can search this site for a suitable clinic or a doctor on your own. Alternatively, you can request a callback, so that our medical experts can help you.

  • 12,567 requests per year
  • 5,100+ patients treated
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Talk to one of our medical experts right away

Our in-house experts will call you back promptly and request all necessary documents needed to select the best treatment options.

  • 167+ in-house professionals
  • 24/7 Office hours
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You will receive offers from clinics within 48 hours.

Our patients are treated in more than 250 clinics in Europe and Asia. Coordinating physicians send inquiries directly to specialists for your problem and find several offers to choose from.

An example of a doctor's reply Peter Reichardt

Helios Berlin-Buch Germany, Berlin

Thank you very much for your inquiry and sorry for the late reply. I had to consult with colleagues. The situation is not easy. There is antral carcinoma (cT1-T2, N0) and complicating cirrhosis of the liver with significant portal hypertension and varicose veins of the esophagus of the second degree. The Karnowski index is limited, and liver function is also limited, as measured by elevated bilirubin, albeit moderate and limited prothrombin time. However, total protein is normal. In general, there is a significant surgical risk in this situation. However, I offer you hospitalization and preparation for surgery. The pressure of the portal vein should be reduced before surgery, this is possible with the implantation of the tips. This will reduce the surgical risk. If after that the operative risk decreases to acceptable values, we will perform a subtotal or even distal gastrectomy. Due to the localization and early clinical stage, this is also more than justified from the point of view of oncologists. However, we will be able to tell more about the procedure only after seeing the patient, evaluating the advice, conducting an assessment and, if necessary, implantation, assessing the surgical risk. Of course, everything will be discussed in detail with you. We may offer hospitalization for examination, implantation advice if necessary, and then, if possible, surgery. Strict alcohol abstinence is absolutely necessary before any therapy. I hope I was able to help with my answer.

  • 238 best European clinics
  • 478 doctors and professors of medicine
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We will arrange your outpatient appointment or hospital admission

If you choose our services, we will make arrangements for your medical travel, communicate with the clinic of your choice, and will provide other services, such as interpreting or airport transfer. Our managers always stay in touch with patients and are available to take care of any possible issues.

Medical translation

Mistranslation in medicine may be very damaging. This is why we only employ translators with medical training.

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Pay according to the estimate

Our treatment selection services are free for the patients.DMU's work is funded by clinics.You pay the clinic's bill for treatment and we guarantee there are no extra costs.

DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов


Head of Business Development

Germany has a unique medical service pricing system regulated by the German government, i. e. DRG (Diagnosis Related Group). Under this system, the price is set on the basis of comprehensive medical data, such as your diagnosis, severity of illness, possible complications, and other individual factors. However, many clinics may charge international patients as much as 30% extra. Moreover, medical cost estimates are not regulated, and some clinics artificially lower their prices make the patient come for therapy and pay the rest of the balance in Germany. Our partner clinics always calculate the total cost before treatment and do not apply extra charges for international patients. Also, we carefully check all estimates and final bills, so that our prices for international patients are no different from what German insurers pay for German citizen, which is is the lowest price possible.

  • 0€ Arranging a visit is free
  • Refund of unspent funds
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We will stay in touch with you even after treatment

If necessary, we will help you with purchase and delivery of medication, second opinions and communications between a German doctor and your in-country physician. We often help patients with follow-up treatment when they return from Germany.

DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов



I recall a recent patient with alcohol addiction whose family had paid for rehabilitation in Berlin. Then, her US-based parents contacted us in complete panic. They were told that their daughter had been brought by an ambulance to a public clinic in Wiesbaden, i. e. not at all where she was supposed to be. Our in-house expert reassured them that we would find her. And, indeed, after calling dozens of clinics, we found the patient, discussed her condition with German colleagues, and sent a driver and an interpreter who helped her to get into the right clinic for the scheduled rehabilitation program.

Why you may need our services?

You can choose a clinic and make arrangements for treatment abroad yourself

On your own

With us

  • Not sure how to choose a clinic or a doctor?

    Our experts will help you to find the most suitable treatment options and explain them in great detail.

  • Do not know how soon the clinic will reply?

    We will provide an offer from a suitable clinic within 48 hours, including a detailed assessment from a medical expert.

  • Challenges in communicating with doctors and clinics while you are in another country?

    We will provide interpreting and local support services, and our in-house medical coordinators will be available if there is a problem.

  • Worried about the total cost of treatment and its estimates?

    We provide cost estimates in advance, and 80% of our patients get a refund (when the final cost is less than the initial estimate).

  • How can I continue treatment in my home country if I have a complicated diagnosis?

    We will ensure that all your medical records are accurately translated into your language, so that you can receive the required follow-up treatment in your home country, and are willing to recommend an in-country physician.

Did not find the information you needed?

You can always request additional information using our online question form. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

How we work

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