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Information on treatment in Turkey

Patient admission

All categories of patients are admitted. Wearing a mask in the doctor's office is mandatory.

Rules for entering the country

Persons over 12 years of age must present either a PCR test (not older than 72 hours)/ or an antigen test (not older than 48 hours)/ or a certificate of full vaccination/ or a document of recovery (not older than 6 months).

Medical visas

Citizens of 78 countries are exempt from visa regulations for the period from 30 to 90 days, 43 other countries can get electronic visa. For more information about visa rules for your country, please contact the manager of the company.

Gastroenterology prices in Turkey

Prices for gastroenterology in Turkey are formed according to the domestic legislation of the country. The cost of additional non-medical services (provision of a single room with higher comfort conditions, transfer from the airport, escort of an interpreter) is calculated additionally.

Approximate prices for treatments in Turkey

  • Complete blood count
    from $22
  • Consultation and treatment planning
    from $25
  • Small intestine resection
    from $2090
  • Blood chemistry test
    from $71
  • MRI results revision
    from $80
  • Removal of polyps in the gastrointestinal tract
    from $190
    from $50
  • Esophagectomy
    from $8000
  • Tumor markers blood test
    from $150
  • Biopsy
    from $450
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
Cost calculation

* The exact cost depends on the complexity of the disease, the necessary diagnosis, the volume of procedures and the specific clinic. By sending a request on our website, you will receive a preliminary estimate by e-mail.

How we help

Gastrointestinal treatment in the best clinics in Turkey. We take on the most complex cases, find the most suitable clinics, and take care of all of your needs before, during, and after treatment.

You can choose a clinic and a doctor on your own or request a free consultation with our experts.

They will call you back within a day, review your medical records, and suggest the best gastrointestinal treatment options available in Turkey. Our requests to clinics are answered by the best doctors all over the world. Once you will have approved a proposed option, we will take care of your medical trip A to Z, including translation, communications with the clinic of your choice, official invitation and visa support, airport pickup, transfer, and interpreting services.

Personal assistants and our client support service are on duty 24/7 and help solve any problems that may arise.

  • Interpreting and local assistance

    Our interpreters accompany and support patient in all European cities.

  • Medical flights and on-board medical assistance

    We offer medical ambulance flights.

  • Medical translation

    DMU employs the best medical translators that meet the highest professional standards.

  • Transfer and medical transportation

    We offer transfers to the clinic by car or ambulance.

  • Second opinion

    DMU will help you obtain a second opinion from the best medical experts in order to confirm your diagnosis and treatment methods.

Best clinics by gastroenterology in Turkey

DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Yeditepe University Hospital

This clinic treats patients with cancers, blood and kidney diseases, endocrine disorders, and neurological diseases

  • 92% patients recommend
  • 50.011 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Medical Park Antalya

This is a interdisciplinary medical center, known for its high-performance scores in treating cancers, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, as well as infertility

  • 95% patients recommend
  • 201.343 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Istinje Liv University Hospital Bahcheşehir
  • 88% patients recommend
  • 23.122 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Anadolu Medical Center

A medical center known for its advanced cancer treatments that also offers early comprehensive diagnostic and IVF services

  • 98% patients recommend
  • 213.654 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
University Clinic Medipol Mega
  • 96% patients recommend
  • 30.712 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Medicana International Ankara Hospital

This clinic practice areas include cancers, cardiovascular diseases and organ transplantations

  • 94% patients recommend
  • 44.127 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Memorial Clinic Ankara
  • 89% patients recommend
  • 57.411 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Ajibadem Altunizade Clinic
  • 92% patients recommend
  • 39.846 Total patients per year

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to get a high quality gastrointestinal diagnosis in Turkey?

    Yes, Turkey has well-equipped clinics with their own laboratories and experienced gastroenterologists. In some cases a complete diagnosis can be done in 1 day.

  • Is there HIPEC chemotherapy in Turkey and is it effective?

    Yes, Turkish clinics also perform this therapy. In combination with surgical removal of the tumour, HIPEC is effective in removing metastases from the peritoneal area. After HIPEC, the probability of a 5-year survival rate is increased by an average of 14%. However, it is worth remembering that this is a rather complicated and dangerous procedure with its own risks. Therefore, hyperthermic chemotherapy should be carried out by an experienced specialist.

  • Do doctors in Turkey also use the HoLEP system for the treatment of the prostate gland?

    Yes, HoLEP is also used in Turkey for prostate cancer. Send us your details and epicrisis and we can arrange your treatment.

  • I need knee arthroscopy, are there any good specialists in Turkey? And can you tell me the exact price for this procedure?

    Yes, there are good orthopedists in Turkey that we can arrange a visit to. But the exact price of any procedure depends on the clinic chosen, the doctor and the disease for which the operation is performed. When clarifying all the details, the clinic will be able to send an estimate, which will indicate the exact amount. Please provide more information on the need for arthroscopy and we will be able to advise you in more detail.

  • Are there good doctors in Turkey to treat ovarian cancer?

    Of course, there are good oncogynaecologists in Turkey who have a lot of experience in treating ovarian cancer. We could suggest you specialists from Ankara or Istanbul. Send your epicrysis and we can arrange a preliminary online appointment with one of them.

  • Do you work with doctors specialized in body plastic surgery based in Turkey?

    We work with different Turkish plastic surgeons who are involved in both facial plastic surgery and body plastic surgery. Specify which procedure you are interested in and we will suggest you the best specialists.

  • Recently I have been rapidly losing my eyesight, but the doctors can't find the exact cause. Are there any good specialists to go to in Turkey?

    Of course, ophthalmology in Turkey is at a very good level. There are good doctors in network multidisciplinary clinics such as Anadolu, Medical Park, and also in university hospitals. Contact us to specify travel dates and arrange diagnosis.

  • Is it possible to find a German-level pediatric neurosurgeon in Turkey?

    Specify what diagnosis you need a neurosurgeon for and we will try to find you the best specialist in Turkey.

Patient reviews

Rating 4.9/5
59 Reviews

I would like to share my experience of treatment in Germany. My husband was diagnosed with sigmoid diverticulitis, his intestinal problems started about 15 years ago. Well, in 2018 the question of resection came up. Naturally, if finances allow, it is better to do it in Germany, Israel or Turkey. We had a consultation with doctors from these countries. I think that we would have had the same good result everywhere. In Turkey it would have been cheapest, somewhere around 10000 Euro. Israel has announced the price of 25000, but our Jewish brothers were ready to haggle, up to 22000 for a stay in a double ward. The best option was offered by Germany. The cost of the treatment was 15000 Euro. And while the prices in Israel are the same everywhere, in Germany it all depends on the clinic. We chose Helios Clinic in Leipzig. On the basis of this clinic there is a private department for those who like comfort. It is a 5-star hotel. Professor Bartels operated on us. I stayed in a room with my husband. The environment is perfect. The clinic is perfect and the staff is very good. We were picked up at the airport in Berlin by a Russian-speaking driver and taken to the clinic where an interpreter helped us with the paperwork. We didn't have any language skills, believe me there were no problems at all. To communicate with the staff through an interpreter on the phone. No problems. And in the end - my husband is a healthy person now. I do not believe that one year ago our doctors predicted his life with a stoma (intestine on the belly) in Germany, doctors made laporoscopy, the operation is reminded of only three small punctures.