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Preventive Medicine in the Best Clinics in Israel

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Information on treatment in Israel

Medical visas

Citizens of 100 countries can stay in Israel without a visa for up to 3 months. For more information about visa rules for your country, please contact the manager of the company.

Rules for entering the country

You must present either a PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or an antigen test (not older than 24 hours). A paid PCR test at the airport, insurance and a completed declaration are also mandatory.

Patient admission

All categories of patients are admitted. Wearing a mask in the doctor's office is mandatory.

Preventive medicine prices in Israel

Prices for preventive medicine in Israel are formed according to the domestic legislation of the country. The cost of additional non-medical services (provision of a single room with higher comfort conditions, transfer from the airport, escort of an interpreter) is calculated additionally.

Approximate prices for procedures

  • Cancer screening
    from $400
  • Comprehensive HIV diagnosis
    from $10
  • Advanced laboratory diagnostics of HIV
    from $3800
  • Laboratory diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus
    from $360
  • Inpatient diagnosis of rheumatologic disease
    from $11948
  • Slit lamp exam
    from $30
  • Comprehensive drug dependence diagnosis
    from $100
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of strabismus
    from $35
  • Preoperative cataract diagnosis
    from $20
  • Removal of intervertebral hernias with preoperative diagnosis
    from $590

How we help

Preventive medicine in the best clinics in Israel. We take on the most complex cases, find the most suitable clinics, and take care of all of your needs before, during, and after treatment.

You can choose a clinic and a doctor on your own or request a free consultation with our experts.

They will call you back within a day, review your medical records, and suggest the best preventive medicine options available in Israel. Our requests to clinics are answered by the best doctors all over the world. Once you will have approved a proposed option, we will take care of your medical trip A to Z, including translation, communications with the clinic of your choice, official invitation and visa support, airport pickup, transfer, and interpreting services.

Personal assistants and our client support service are on duty 24/7 and help solve any problems that may arise.

  • Interpreting and local assistance

    Our interpreters accompany and support patient in all European cities.

  • Medical flights and on-board medical assistance

    We offer medical ambulance flights.

  • Medical translation

    DMU employs the best medical translators that meet the highest professional standards.

  • Transfer and medical transportation

    We offer transfers to the clinic by car or ambulance.

  • Second opinion

    DMU will help you obtain a second opinion from the best medical experts in order to confirm your diagnosis and treatment methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't speak German. Can you help me?

    We offer professional medical interpreting services to help you communicate during your appointments.

  • Where are Helios clinics located?

    Helios has more than 120 clinics in Germany alone and some more in other countries.

  • How do I pay for medical services?

    Payment methods vary depending on the clinic – you may pre-pay your services (partially or in full) based on a cost estimate, or pay after receiving services. Please, clarify with our manager about the payment terms of any particular clinic.

  • Is there a refund if I don't need surgical or other medical procedures?

    If, based on consultations and diagnostics, it becomes clear that you need no surgery or other medical services, all overpayment amounts will be refunded.

  • Can my treatment be covered by my health insurance company?

    Insurance companies provide different types of insurance. We suggest that you ask them about medical expenses they cover in specific countries, as well as the amounts and terms of coverage.

  • Can I get free medical care?

    It depends on your insurance. Ask your health insurance company about medical expenses they cover in specific countries, as well as the amounts and terms of coverage.

  • How soon can I get an appointment?

    We can book your appointment very quickly, if you have a set of up-to-date medical documents (max. 3 moths old) and a valid international passport.

  • How long does rehabilitation take?

    Rehabilitation may take from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on your condition.

Patient reviews

Rating 4.9/5
59 Reviews

In the difficult situation of COVID-19 we received a quick response, a clear, fast organization of the arrival at the clinic Helios Park-Klinikum Leipzig and the start of treatment. Highly professional medical care is combined in this clinic with an attentive, caring attitude. The attending physician continues to advise and guide the patient even after his return home. Thank you very much to all the staff at the clinic: doctors first, nurses, logistics department, interpreters.

We had a check-up at the Meoclinic in Berlin. We were very happy with the results, the doctors at the clinic were very professional, the service and the quality of care was excellent. Overall this clinic is great, I recommend it to everyone. I must also mention Samir who works for Deutsche Medizinische Union, he was always available and helped us with everything. Thank you very much to Deutsche Medizinische Union for such a quick service.

We thank the German Medical Association for help in organizing the consultation at the clinic of Prof. Marianowicz in Munich. We are very grateful to the interpreter. Thank you everything was perfectly organized.

I would like to thank DMU staff for the excellent organization of the examination of my daughter Nadezhda Rikun in Germany at Helios Klinikum Erfurt. Thank you Eugenia, Luis, Anastasia for your patience, understanding and professionalism. We were at the highest level. We will cooperate with you in future as we are going to have more treatment.

My German experience. In the fall of 2018, I went to the DMU when I realized that our doctors could not cope with my problem. I needed an urgent surgical intervention, and my choice fell on this structure representing the German Medical Union in Moscow. Germans consulted me by correspondence, appointed a surgeon, chose the clinic, and I was in Krefeld Clinic in Germany two weeks later. After a very thorough diagnostics was made, I underwent several perfectly performed surgeries, the success of which was doubted by Moscow doctors.The clinic worked in a well-coordinated way from the cleaning of wards to the catering regime. The qualifications of the doctors raise no doubts, and looking at their professional and polished work you are absolutely convinced of the good outcome of the treatment.This belief in the surgeons, anesthesiologists and their assistants, that is, the positive emotional component of my stay at the clinic, was important to me. I'm very grateful to DMU for their professional and humane approach to helping patients. I wish the entire staff success, prosperity, and good health! With my sincere respect and gratitude, Natalia Arkozi, Moscow, Russia.

I received the necessary surgical treatment at Helios in Leipzig The German doctors did what they could not do in Russia and I was able to fly home within a couple of days after the surgery. I was extremely satisfied with the clinic and the doctors and the customer service. They were very clear and very fast. Thank you so much for that.

I would like to express my gratitude to all employees of "DMU Medical Experts" company for organizing and supporting our treatment in Germany at Helios Berlin-Buch. All stages, beginning from organization of trip, accompaniment of treatment in clinic, as well as assistance in obtaining of all necessary documents and their translation were carried out at a high professional level. Particular thanks to all the medical staff, especially professor Martin Streeck, for the attitude and attention to his patients, despite the heavy workload. We did not feel a language barrier at all, because the clinic has Russian-speaking staff. We were pleased with the results of surgery, rehabilitation and recommendations for further treatment. A pleasant bonus was the clinic's accounting department recalculating the cost of services rendered, as well as timely refunds. Thank you very much again! Respect Khizhnyak Oleg, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

Good afternoon, my wife was treated in Helios Berlin-Buch clinic with the help of Deutsche Medizinische Union, there was a great support from DMU, especially André Sales and Anastasia Kurpakova. Thank you very much for the organization of treatment and excellent attitude to us. Even after discharge from the clinic and returning home, Andre and Anastasia are always there to help us with any questions that we have. Thank you very much and wish them the best! Sokur Igor, Sokur Margarita