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Gynecologic oncology prices

Prices for gynecologic oncology abroad are formed according to the domestic legislation of the country. The cost of additional non-medical services (provision of a single room with higher comfort conditions, transfer from the airport, escort of an interpreter) is calculated additionally.

Approximate prices for procedures

  • Mohs micrographic surgery
    from $2987
  • NanoKnife
    from $12000
  • Nephrectomy using the da Vinci surgical system
    from $7050
  • Patient evaluation before HSCT
    from $1300
  • Omentectomy
    from $6400
  • Cancer screening
    from $400
  • Online cancer consultation
    from $125
  • Online radiologist consultation
    from $418
  • Online hematologist consultation
    from $418
  • Online dermatological oncologist consultation
    from $1200
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
Cost calculation

* The exact cost depends on the complexity of the disease, the necessary diagnosis, the volume of procedures and the specific clinic. By sending a request on our website, you will receive a preliminary estimate by e-mail.

How we help

Gynecologic cancer treatment in the best clinics. We take on the most complex cases, find the most suitable clinics, and take care of all of your needs before, during, and after treatment.

You can choose a clinic and a doctor on your own or request a free consultation with our experts.

They will call you back within a day, review your medical records, and suggest the best gynecologic cancer treatment options available. Our requests to clinics are answered by the best doctors all over the world. Once you will have approved a proposed option, we will take care of your medical trip A to Z, including translation, communications with the clinic of your choice, official invitation and visa support, airport pickup, transfer, and interpreting services.

Personal assistants and our client support service are on duty 24/7 and help solve any problems that may arise.

  • Interpreting and local assistance

    Our interpreters accompany and support patient in all European cities.

  • Medical flights and on-board medical assistance

    We offer medical ambulance flights.

  • Medical translation

    DMU employs the best medical translators that meet the highest professional standards.

  • Transfer and medical transportation

    We offer transfers to the clinic by car or ambulance.

  • Second opinion

    DMU will help you obtain a second opinion from the best medical experts in order to confirm your diagnosis and treatment methods.

Best clinics by gynecologic oncology

Клиника Гелиос Крефельд Germany, Krefeld
Helios Krefeld

The clinic's focus is on minimally invasive cancer treatment procedures; as many as 97% of all surgeries are laparoscopic

  • 95% patients recommend
  • 152.706 Total patients per year
Клиника Гелиос Эрфурт Germany, Erfurt
Helios Hospital Erfurt

This is a major multi-disciplinary clinic in Thuringia, where all departments are headed by top physicians

  • 89% patients recommend
  • 169.633 Total patients per year
Университетская клиника Бонна Germany, Bonn
University Hospital Bonn

One of the leading German medical centers in the area of oncology, cardiac surgery, endoprostheses and fetal surgery

  • 93% patients recommend
  • 402.183 Total patients per year
Университетская Клиника Гайдельберг Germany, Heidelberg
University Hospital Heidelberg

The third largest medical center in Germany that is affiliated with the oldest German medical school founded in 1388

  • 92% patients recommend
  • 1.196.921 Total patients per year
Evangelische Kliniken Essen - Mitte Germany, Essen
Essen-Mitte Evangelical Clinics
  • 94% patients recommend
  • 60.092 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
University Clinic Medipol Mega
  • 96% patients recommend
  • 30.712 Total patients per year
Ампер-клиника Гелиос Дахау Germany, Dachau
Ampere Clinic Helios Dachau
  • 91% patients recommend
  • 49.694 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Memorial Clinic Ankara
  • 89% patients recommend
  • 57.411 Total patients per year
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have uterine cancer, a friend recommended Helios Clinic in Berlin. She is from Russia, her trip to the clinic was also organized by your company. But I live in Kazakhstan. Can you help in my case?

    Of course, we work with patients all over the world and help them arrange treatment in different countries. Send us your details and we will contact the head of department, Prof. Unch, to confirm the nearest appointment for you.

  • Are there good doctors in Turkey to treat ovarian cancer?

    Of course, there are good oncogynaecologists in Turkey who have a lot of experience in treating ovarian cancer. We could suggest you specialists from Ankara or Istanbul. Send your epicrysis and we can arrange a preliminary online appointment with one of them.

  • I couldn't find any information on mammology. Do you treat breast cancer abroad?

    Yes, we help arrange treatment for breast diseases, including cancer. Leave us your details and we will suggest the best specialists for you.

Patient reviews

Rating 4.9/5
59 Reviews

We were contacted by doctors in Düsseldorf who referred us to the Fertility Center Berlin for a consultation.The attitude of the nursing staff, the service and the consultation with Prof. Kentenich were excellent. After the tests and examinations he answered the questions that we had missed for a year.We were prescribed medication that should increase fertility. Even though it is too early to talk about the results, I would like to express my gratitude for his professionalism.

In August 2020, my husband was treated at Helios Clinic in Germany.Thank you very much to the staff of DMU who accompanied our trip and processed all the documents. High professionalism of the staff of this organization allowed us to get a medical visa at the consulate of Germany within one hour!We would like to say a special thank you to Samir, who was in touch with us 24 hours a day, advised us on all issues, and promptly resolved all the difficulties!We are very happy with our treatment at Helios and DMU support!!!

We flew to Krefeld to do arthroscopy with cartilage repair for a hip joint that had been injured in an accident. Everything is of the highest standard, the staff is polite and courteous. Nutrition in the hospital, of course, is not good for athletes, but in general - they will not let you die of hunger. However, you should take into account that this is Germany (salt, sausage and everything). And yes, there was a hitch when placing in a room as a guest companion. After paying at the front desk for everything I needed (including meals), I got one fizaline and one hard-boiled egg for breakfast for three days. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, someone didn't follow through and get me into the program. As a result, the kind-hearted staff fed me whatever they could during the day, for which I thank them very much. A lot of Russian speaking and understanding English, so even an interpreter was not really needed, as it turned out.

I am delighted with the team of organizers and treatment.Third stage carcinoma of the thyroid gland.... during the epidemic and closed borders in spring 2020- it is hard to be healthy.... and with cancer all the more..I was not allowed to leave the country for treatment. What Samir and Leonid did - impossible.They organized a plane both to Germany and back, to Ukraine....The treatment is excellent.... in Israel there is a rush around and chaos...in Israel I had a surgery to remove the thyroid gland. In Berlin I had radioiodine therapy...I am thrilled. everything is clear... I understand why the German economy is so strong. The system! You have a system in everything. I love you guys, recommend everyone I know. may God bless you ... When I remember the horror that I had to go through: a diagnosis, do not understand what next??? fear of death.... and you are such a calm and supportive, you can not imagine how you their support and male confidence that you know everything and organize everything ....HUMANLY.... MONEY WAS NOT THE MAIN THING FOR YOU.... IT CAN BE FELT.... YOU HELPED ME..... THE MORE I TALKED TO SAMIR AND LEONID, THE MORE CONFIDENT I BECAME THAT I WAS IN GOD'S HANDS AND THERE WAS NO NEED TO PANIC. THESE MEN WILL ORGANISE EVERYTHING AND THE BEST HOSPITAL AND THE BEST DOCTORS.... THANK YOU ENDLESSLY....

Our cooperation with Deutsche Medizinische Union was accidental and at first it was difficult to trust, but we had to because of the child's cancer. The medical specialist Michael recommended Helios Clinic in Berlin and we were treated there. We were always in touch with the logistics specialist Pauline who helped us to solve all our questions during and after treatment. We were especially surprised when Pauline told us that we still had an overpayment after our treatment and the clinic wants to return it, and we did get that overpayment.I would like to thank Polina and Elena Tkach who helped us in the clinic to find a common language with German doctors.Thanks to everyone who helped us. I am glad there is such an organization and such caring people!

We came to the clinic because we needed a valve replacement. The logistics and administration department was very professional and helpful with transfers, translations and anything else that needed to be taken care of. The surgery went very well, thank you Dr. Schmidt.

Hello, I would like to share my experience of having a baby in Berlin.For health reasons we decided to have a birth abroad as a matter of urgency. On the Internet I came across DMU by chance among many websites. And I did not regret. They turned out to be very fast with the clear feedback. We chose Helios Clinic Berlin-Buch for our diagnosis. In the clinic we were observed 3 months before the expected delivery. Thanks to the professionalism of doctors everything went perfectly. We thank especially to our interpreters Anna and Elena. Regarding price depends on a specific situation, but in our case had to increase by 30%, because before the birth were weekly visits. The only time was with the registration and export of the child from the European Union - parents' birth certificates had to be sent urgently from Ukraine. Therefore, I would like to suggest companies for cases like ours, and unenlightened like us, at least in the form of an information sheet or references to reliable sources, even before the trip to provide information on the paperwork after the birth of the child and its departure from the country. But all in all it went very well. Thank you so much! If we plan to have another baby we will certainly apply to you.

I have been treated at Helios Park Clinic in Leipzig since 28.01 to 1.02.20 for cardiac radiofrequency ablation,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all medical and service staff, especially to Dr. Richter who has done the surgery in a very professional and caring manner,A big thank you to all of DMU's organizational staff.Dr. Leonidas,Thanks to all of the DMU organizational staff members Dr Leonidas, Samir and especially the best interpreter Nadezhda Reinhardt.

Top doctors

Highly qualified specialists who see international patients and are ready to advise you

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Клаудия Гербер-Шэфер
Claudia Gerber-Schäfer Chief Physician of the Breast Center
Consultation from 500 €
Сабине Кайм
Sabine Keim Chief Physician of the Department of Gynecology
Consultation from 500 €