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Otolaryngology prices

Prices for otolaryngology abroad are formed according to the domestic legislation of the country. The cost of additional non-medical services (provision of a single room with higher comfort conditions, transfer from the airport, escort of an interpreter) is calculated additionally.

Approximate prices for procedures

  • Nosebone correction
    from $2390
  • Nonsurgical rhinoplasty
    from $750
  • Rhinoplasty (nose job)
    from $781
  • CT scan of paranasal sinuses
    from $90
  • Laboratory tests
    from $11
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
Cost calculation

* The exact cost depends on the complexity of the disease, the necessary diagnosis, the volume of procedures and the specific clinic. By sending a request on our website, you will receive a preliminary estimate by e-mail.

How we help

Ears, nose and throat treatment in the best clinics. We take on the most complex cases, find the most suitable clinics, and take care of all of your needs before, during, and after treatment.

You can choose a clinic and a doctor on your own or request a free consultation with our experts.

They will call you back within a day, review your medical records, and suggest the best options for ears, nose and throat treatment available. Our requests to clinics are answered by the best doctors all over the world. Once you will have approved a proposed option, we will take care of your medical trip A to Z, including translation, communications with the clinic of your choice, official invitation and visa support, airport pickup, transfer, and interpreting services.

Personal assistants and our client support service are on duty 24/7 and help solve any problems that may arise.

  • Interpreting and local assistance

    Our interpreters accompany and support patient in all European cities.

  • Medical flights and on-board medical assistance

    We offer medical ambulance flights.

  • Medical translation

    DMU employs the best medical translators that meet the highest professional standards.

  • Transfer and medical transportation

    We offer transfers to the clinic by car or ambulance.

  • Second opinion

    DMU will help you obtain a second opinion from the best medical experts in order to confirm your diagnosis and treatment methods.

Best clinics by otolaryngology

Клиника Хелиос Берлин-Бух Germany, Berlin
Helios Berlin-Buch

Its oncohematology and neural surgery practices are among the best in Europe, and in general the clinic covers 75 fields of medicine

  • 94% patients recommend
  • 164.612 Total patients per year
Клиника Гелиос Крефельд Germany, Krefeld
Helios Krefeld

The clinic's focus is on minimally invasive cancer treatment procedures; as many as 97% of all surgeries are laparoscopic

  • 95% patients recommend
  • 152.706 Total patients per year
Университетский медицинский комплекс Шарите Germany, Berlin

One of the largest German clinics with a 300-year history and 12 certified cancer centers

  • 96% patients recommend
  • 1.685.397 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Turkey
Yeditepe University Hospital

This clinic treats patients with cancers, blood and kidney diseases, endocrine disorders, and neurological diseases

  • 92% patients recommend
  • 50.011 Total patients per year
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов Germany, Regensburg
University Hospital Regensburg

This multidisciplinary clinic specializes in cancer treatment, organ transplantation, and intensive care

  • 95% patients recommend
  • 306.013 Total patients per year
Клиника Гелиос Эрфурт Germany, Erfurt
Helios Hospital Erfurt

This is a major multi-disciplinary clinic in Thuringia, where all departments are headed by top physicians

  • 89% patients recommend
  • 169.633 Total patients per year
Клиника Гелиос Мюнхен-Вест Germany, München
Helios Munich West

This teaching hospital is focused on heart diseases, cancers, and gastroenterology

  • 96% patients recommend
  • 52.870 Total patients per year
Клиника Гелиос Шверин Germany, Schwerin
Helios Schwerin

The clinic treats more than 380 patients and performs more than 100 surgeries on a daily basis. Five of its doctors have been recently recognized among the best in Germany

  • 93% patients recommend
  • 116.620 Total patients per year
All clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't speak German. Can you help me?

    We offer professional medical interpreting services to help you communicate during your appointments.

  • Where are Helios clinics located?

    Helios has more than 120 clinics in Germany alone and some more in other countries.

  • How do I pay for medical services?

    Payment methods vary depending on the clinic – you may pre-pay your services (partially or in full) based on a cost estimate, or pay after receiving services. Please, clarify with our manager about the payment terms of any particular clinic.

  • Is there a refund if I don't need surgical or other medical procedures?

    If, based on consultations and diagnostics, it becomes clear that you need no surgery or other medical services, all overpayment amounts will be refunded.

  • Can my treatment be covered by my health insurance company?

    Insurance companies provide different types of insurance. We suggest that you ask them about medical expenses they cover in specific countries, as well as the amounts and terms of coverage.

  • Can I get free medical care?

    It depends on your insurance. Ask your health insurance company about medical expenses they cover in specific countries, as well as the amounts and terms of coverage.

  • How soon can I get an appointment?

    We can book your appointment very quickly, if you have a set of up-to-date medical documents (max. 3 moths old) and a valid international passport.

  • How long does rehabilitation take?

    Rehabilitation may take from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on your condition.

Patient reviews

Rating 4.9/5
59 Reviews

When you find out that you have cancer, your life and the life of your family are divided into "before" and "after. Yes, it seems that you don't live at all: you just go somewhere for something, do something, say something to someone. And in your head there is a chaos of thoughts and fears and worries. Thank God, we managed to "get acquainted" with Deutsche Medizinische Union at that terrible time. Many thanks to the senior coordinator-physician Michael Tsava who calmly and confidently said that, yes, the situation is not easy, we need serious treatment, but then life goes on. Mikhail assured me that the company will do everything possible for the best and most effective treatment. We received, in my opinion, a complete consultation about the clinics, doctors and the cost of treatment. Michael patiently, competently answered hundreds of our questions and was available almost around the clock. With the help of DMU I underwent two courses of radioiodine therapy at HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch. I am very satisfied both with the conditions of my stay and the attitude of the entire medical staff at the clinic. The treatment fees are transparent and clear: the clinic gives you a detailed invoice with details of how much each treatment costs. At the end of treatment the clinic made a recalculation and we got a part of money back. I would also like to thank Samir, DMU's patient support worker, who was able to quickly and efficiently arrange my second course of radioiodine therapy in difficult circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. And I would like to express special immense gratitude to the translator Alena Tkach. She is a great human being. Alena is not just an interpreter: she came, worked and left. She treats every patient like a loved one. Even though this job is a huge moral effort, Alyona can always find words of support, and her optimism is a must in these situations. And it is very important to know that being in a foreign country in a difficult time for you, you know who you can turn to for help and advice, you know that you are not alone with your problem.Once again, thank you very much to all the employees of Deutsche Medizinische Union for your work.

My German experience. In the fall of 2018, I went to the DMU when I realized that our doctors could not cope with my problem. I needed an urgent surgical intervention, and my choice fell on this structure representing the German Medical Union in Moscow. Germans consulted me by correspondence, appointed a surgeon, chose the clinic, and I was in Krefeld Clinic in Germany two weeks later. After a very thorough diagnostics was made, I underwent several perfectly performed surgeries, the success of which was doubted by Moscow doctors.The clinic worked in a well-coordinated way from the cleaning of wards to the catering regime. The qualifications of the doctors raise no doubts, and looking at their professional and polished work you are absolutely convinced of the good outcome of the treatment.This belief in the surgeons, anesthesiologists and their assistants, that is, the positive emotional component of my stay at the clinic, was important to me. I'm very grateful to DMU for their professional and humane approach to helping patients. I wish the entire staff success, prosperity, and good health! With my sincere respect and gratitude, Natalia Arkozi, Moscow, Russia.

I would like to thank DMU employees Maria and Anton.We arranged the initial appointment very quickly. I was very quick, because I was already in urgent need of surgical intervention. I already had a Schengen visa.We had an interpreter at the clinic provided by DMU. He obviously had worked there before, and he knew very well what to do and where to go. Without his help the process of getting the patient to the hospital would have been much longer.We thank our Doctor Prof. Michael Friedrich and his doctor Jörg Stunneck. They solved the problem that the doctors in Russia did not know what to do with. Their treatment was top-notch; they watched us regularly several times a day and even on weekends.After we received the discharge from the clinic, DMU employees translated the document into Russian very quickly.And the biggest thank you for the help with the following situation. On the way back we forgot our backpack on the train. It was already evening, the next morning we had a plane to Russia. In the backpack were all credit cards, all cash and all the passports. Thanks to Maria we got the backpack and flew home safely on our flight.Thank you very much for your work!

I would like to share my experience of treatment in Germany. My husband was diagnosed with sigmoid diverticulitis, his intestinal problems started about 15 years ago. Well, in 2018 the question of resection came up. Naturally, if finances allow, it is better to do it in Germany, Israel or Turkey. We had a consultation with doctors from these countries. I think that we would have had the same good result everywhere. In Turkey it would have been cheapest, somewhere around 10000 Euro. Israel has announced the price of 25000, but our Jewish brothers were ready to haggle, up to 22000 for a stay in a double ward. The best option was offered by Germany. The cost of the treatment was 15000 Euro. And while the prices in Israel are the same everywhere, in Germany it all depends on the clinic. We chose Helios Clinic in Leipzig. On the basis of this clinic there is a private department for those who like comfort. It is a 5-star hotel. Professor Bartels operated on us. I stayed in a room with my husband. The environment is perfect. The clinic is perfect and the staff is very good. We were picked up at the airport in Berlin by a Russian-speaking driver and taken to the clinic where an interpreter helped us with the paperwork. We didn't have any language skills, believe me there were no problems at all. To communicate with the staff through an interpreter on the phone. No problems. And in the end - my husband is a healthy person now. I do not believe that one year ago our doctors predicted his life with a stoma (intestine on the belly) in Germany, doctors made laporoscopy, the operation is reminded of only three small punctures.

Travelling to Germany in Leipzig in a cardiac logistics clinic. We asked for advice on examination and further treatment of my son communicated directly with Dr. Nuraldin. With great attention very professional approach specifically to our situation helped with the choice of hospital, all organizational issues and those that joined in the preparation process resolved quickly, Dr. Nuraldin, Maria logistics specialist always in touch, all details were discussed no hidden moments was not all very professional. At the clinic we were met on the appointed day checkups were quick.Attentive staff, wonderful doctor.At any question with great attention to us a little unusual but it really is so without exaggeration.I can say that the clinic with a very high level.So make the right choice if you want to help your loved ones.We were very happy you will not regret it if you choose Cardio-Logic Clinic Leipzig.

We came to the clinic because we needed a valve replacement. The logistics and administration department was very professional and helpful with transfers, translations and anything else that needed to be taken care of. The surgery went very well, thank you Dr. Schmidt.

I have been treated at Helios Park Clinic in Leipzig since 28.01 to 1.02.20 for cardiac radiofrequency ablation,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all medical and service staff, especially to Dr. Richter who has done the surgery in a very professional and caring manner,A big thank you to all of DMU's organizational staff.Dr. Leonidas,Thanks to all of the DMU organizational staff members Dr Leonidas, Samir and especially the best interpreter Nadezhda Reinhardt.

Dr. Kraft operated on me. Endoprosthetics. A year and a half later I feel great. The joints don't bother me anymore. I'm living my life to the fullest. Thank you for your service!

Top doctors

Highly qualified specialists who see international patients and are ready to advise you

All the doctors
Марк Блохинг
Marc Bloching Chief Physician of the Department of Otolaryngology
Consultation from 500 €
Томас Штарк
Thomas Stark Chief Physician of the Department of Otolaryngology
Consultation from 450 €
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
Johannes Schultz Chief Physician of the Head and Neck Tumor Center
Consultation on request
DMU Medical - Лечение в Германии без посредников, цены клиник, отзывы пациентов
Martin Christoph Jäckel Chief Physician of the Department of Otolaryngology
Consultation from 350 €
Парвис Мир-Салим
Parwis Mir-Salim Chief Physician of the Department of Otolaryngology
Consultation from 500 €